Processing the ECHE list data: Country

In addition to the original ECHE list data, this script produces processed fields that convey normalized data points to be leveraged by client applications. The processed field related to the Country is described below.

Processed fields are exposed the same way as the original fields.

Matching a Country value to a Country Code or Country Name

The Country field contains either country names in English or country codes as per the Interinstitutional Style Guide, so this script handles matching in either direction: country names are mapped to country codes and vice-versa. After country codes are processed, they are also matched to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes.

This API key may be useful for better interoperability with systems that store country codes, applications built for languages other than English, etc.

Known differences between Country Codes in this API

While the countryCode is extracted from the country field, the erasmusCodeCountryCode is extracted from the erasmusCode field in accordance with the steps outlined in In some circumstances, those codes will not match. But why?

In reality, the erasmusCodePrefix indicates the country of the entity responsible for issuing the Erasmus Code. This means, for example, that an institution in Greenland (countryCode = GL) will have an Erasmus Code issued in Denmark (erasmusCodeCountryCode = DK).

As such, differences between these country codes may be expected when dealing with particular issues of sovereignty, which are obviously outside the scope of this project. This caveat is presented for informational purposes only.