Attachment method

Verified data is attached to the existing data by locating a combination of unique identifiers and storing the new data points in their own fields. The original data is not changed. This document outlines the prerequisites for attaching verified data from trusted sources to the ECHE list data.

All verified fields are saved with a prefix: _verified.{field}.

Data format

The verified data must be provided in CSV format, using commas as separators and with all strings quoted.

File naming convention

The file name must follow the pattern verified.{countryCode}.csv.

File headers

For effective data pairing, the verified data must contain two identifiers: erasmusCode and pic. These will be used only to match data entries, not to overwrite the identifiers in the original data set.

The remaining columns may include any of the following:

  • organisationLegalName
  • organisationLegalNameLang (recommended if organisationLegalName is provided)
  • street (containing street name and door number)
  • postalCode
  • city
  • cityLang (recommended if city is provided)
  • webpage

Data handling

The data handling will ignore empty cells, so verified data cannot be used to nullify existing data.

Further information

When verified data is attached to an entry, the hasVerifiedData value will switch to True in order to provide an additional indication for client applications. Refer to the API specification for details.